Only daughter of the millonaire Stephan Chase, Vanessa is a senior student, known for her sharp mind and her iron grip on the volleyball squard, which she controls through her girlfriend, Alice.

Appearance Edit

Vanessa is short, varely standing more than five feet of height, with long, blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. She always wears expensive clothing on her, her favourite combination being a pink tank top and a pair of light-brown shorts. Around her neck, she wears a necklace with a green emerald tied to it, a gift from her father when she was eleven.

Personality Edit

Lacking any kind of physical strenghts, Vanessa usualy leans more on tactics and tricks, both areas in which she is an expert. Due to her high upbringing and a huge napoleonic complex, Vanessa feels like she is much superior to anyone in the school.

Vanessa is also unforgiving to those who humiliate or prank her in front of other people. She can keep grudges for a long time and will use everything in her power to punish and embarass he or she who dared to humiliate her.