Only daughter of Robert and Sarah Shevil, Sandra is a senior student and a member of the goths. She is known for


how easy she is to anger and also her bad luck, which gets both her and her friends, always into trouble.

Appearance Edit

Sandra is a 19 years old, with long raven-black hair, pale skin and dark-brown eyes. She is 5´5´´ feet tall (165 cm) and is known for her large hips and larger rear, which is often mocked by both friends and foes, constantly. She always wears dark clothing, purple being her favourite colour. While she uses to change her type of clothes, her most usual combination is a purple shirt, tight grey jeans and long, black boots.

Personality Edit

Sandra is considered by many to be rude, mostly because of the little respect she has for others who are not her friends and also her habit of saying whatever crosses her mind at the moment. Even if she can be easily ofended, Sandra does not usualy think first when saying things that might be hurtful or get her into danger. This makes her have few friends and many enemies, which in turn makes her even more bitter and angry with the people around her.

History Edit

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