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File:A final dare for sandra by seseta-d84scay.jpgFile:A show for three by seseta-d6jxk4q.jpgFile:Alice skunks by arghtime by seseta-d8kig0h.png
File:Commission wedgies 101 with ino 4 by seseta-d7oxg14.jpgFile:Constructive wedgies by seseta-d79rj8z.jpgFile:Daisy shevil wedgie thoughts by seseta-db4ypur.jpg
File:Edna stands to attention by seseta-db5bken.jpgFile:Emma Shevil.PNGFile:Erika and sandra a playfull prank by seseta-d62pkfd.jpg
File:Erika and sandra colored by seseta-d68s6tr.jpgFile:Erika sandra and ruby shared humilliation by seseta-d6mg2jo.jpgFile:First Sandra Shevil drawing by seseta.jpg
File:Five hundred by seseta-d82ecf8.jpgFile:Hook your coats and panties by seseta-d6kankd.jpgFile:Image0-187.jpg
File:Image0-213.jpgFile:Image0-242.jpgFile:Introducing your girlfriend by seseta-d7chxoy.jpg
File:Jade Shevil.PNGFile:Janet captain of the cheerleaders by arghtime by seseta-d8jhijy.pngFile:Janet s deal by seseta-d8vmshj.jpg
File:Lizzy shevil.PNGFile:Lizzy shevil butt free by seseta-d8px0g7.jpgFile:Mandy the gorgon by seseta-db5axeh.jpg
File:My old drawings sandra hanging wedgie by seseta-d7xe25g.jpgFile:My old drawings sandra monique and daniela comic by seseta-d7xg33c.jpgFile:NewSandra(NoBackground).png
File:Pissed Sandra.PNGFile:Renee after valentines commission by seseta-dazj5tg.jpgFile:Renee shevil sarah s mother by seseta-daeqod2.jpg
File:Rise the banner by seseta-d6fzkes.jpgFile:Sandra-Tattoo.PNGFile:Sandra.PNG
File:Sandra Shevil(No Background).pngFile:Sandra Shevil casual atire.jpgFile:Sandra and daniela s halloween by seseta-d9exl9k.jpg
File:Sandra and how to take a wedgie 101 by seseta-d8moxw6.jpgFile:Sandra gets caught by seseta-d747fcl.jpgFile:Sandra s first commercial by seseta-d8i3qc1.jpg
File:Sandra shevil wedgie girl by seseta-d80p9yl.jpgFile:Sandra the actress by seseta-d8l2tac.jpgFile:Sandra tries a thong by seseta-d6xb4cq.jpg
File:Sandra vs the ghosts by seseta-d6sgqld.jpgFile:Sarah's face.PNGFile:Sarah's tattoo.PNG
File:Shevil barbacue old drawing commission by seseta-d94wkta.jpgFile:Small pants big danger by seseta-d6p5iri.jpgFile:The queens of wedgies by seseta-d74hzl7.jpg
File:Two goths chatting and hanging by seseta-d6eg2dw.jpgFile:Wedgie class with sandra by seseta-d77im77.jpg