Daughter of Carl and Lina Olenna, Cloe is one (if not the) smartest girls in her highschool and Sandra's best friend. She is also known to be pranked and bullied almost as much as her due to her nerdy nature and her friendship with Sandra.

Cloe trying to be Santa's little helper

Appearance Edit

Cloe is 18 and realy tall (6 feet or 1 meters and 82cm of height). She has long hair with is naturaly brown, but she dyes it red to make it look more unique. Due to her bad eyesight, she wears glasses and sometimes tight clothes, like yoga pants, to show herself a little.


Cloe is known to be a caring person, who worries about others and tries to help them, even if they did not ask for help in the first place. She is also intelligent and she tries to use that to help her friends. Cloe is also talkative and never eager to come to blows when there is a more peaceful way to reach an agreement.